Planning enables one to decrease stress and increase confidence; therefore, DRM provides flexibility in our service to gain comprehensive knowledge of a project during the planning phases.  This provides our customers with the assurance of our commitment to achieve a higher standard of excellence through the delivered results, timely and economically. 

DRM has developed and applied travel demand models for a wide variety of transportation planning applications. The firm uses state-of-the-art techniques to produce models that can estimate modal travel including transit and high-occupancy vehicle trips.
DRM’s urban and land use planning specialists provide for information exchange about the physical, social and economic planning of communities and sites.
Our interdisciplinary planning teams work with clients and communities to arrive at solutions that are sensible, supportable, well-received by the public—and that provide for future growth.
Our professional services include:

  • Land use planning at the statewide, regional and local levels
  • Site planning
  • Capital improvement programming
  • Zoning/subdivision/land development regulations
  • Master and comprehensive planning
  • Demographic and socioeconomic analysis
  • Park/recreation/open space analysis
  • Commercial district and local area economic analyses
  • Housing and community development



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